Womb Illumination

Womb illumination Offering


By Saffron da Floresta

Within this offering I open up to work with 5 lady Masters know as Goddess Isis, Hathor, Mary Magdalene and Mother Mary and Quan Yin.  I channel each lady master through me and they will each offer a gift to the receiver, that will manifest in their waking world.  These gifts are given to help the recipient move forward and integrate the energy of their own inner Goddess and awaken into their sovereign selves, so they may step life of personal empowerment.


Goddess Isis is the divine mother of magic, Goddess of fertility and medicine. she works on opening up ones inner sight, protecting the path of the Shamans and Mystics. Hathor is the celestial Goddess, who works in the joyful heavenly realms, she is the guardian and overseer of new souls passaging through from the heaven to this earthly plane. Mary Magdalene the heart centered High Priestess is high initiate of sacred unions and sexuality, working on bringing the masculine and feminine out of polarity and into sacred union and balance on this Earthly plane.


Mother Mary the Divine Mother works with the stages of opening of the heart space just as a rose blooms in stages, moving ones being into heart centered consciousness. She is the initiator of the path of  “The Way Of The Rose”.  This is the sacred path of the Divine feminine. Mother Mary guide to help you in fulfilling your Divine prophecy.  Quan Yin the Goddess of love, compassion. Compassion of self and others.  She helps one express their true nature, returning them to innocence.  Quan yin is a spiritual guide to help you let go and surrender fear and insecurities.


We work on clearing any kind of old trauma from this sacred center.  Working on the reproductive system, old energy of sexual partners will be removed so the womb is cleansed and purified.  As the ovaries hold unique energetic codes that lay dormant in women, these light codes will be activated.  An ancient awakening begins to occur.  The Ancestral mother wound is healed and cleared of any unnecessary burdens you may be carrying.  A clear channel will be opened up so one can access the wisdom from their higher self.  Stepping into a life of more love, joy and abundance.

This is a rite of passage for all women wishing to return to their Divine selves.

Energy exchange £80 / €90

Includes a 21 day ritual and follow on 1 hour skype session with Saffron.



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