Distance Healing sessions

Distance Healing session


By Saffron da Floresta

My Distance healing sessions are performed when the patient is not present. The healing is a form of healing energy that is sent across and received by the recipient. With this type of work I do, you do not need to be physically present. I know this is something that many people struggle to understand how this works if they are not in my presence. The answer in my own opinion of working this way works better. I am less likely to have the distraction of the physical body. I get extremely accurate readings with a positive result as I do when you come to see me personally.


Myself, my spirit team and the recipients Higher -self can move the healing into a deeper level. The energy is directly channeled into the etheric body, so the physical body feels the benefits of the healing that has taken place. I work alongside with two spirit Doctor surgeon’s. A time is arranged with the client. Preferably when the client is in dream state. The energy body is more receptive. The client then will received information of what was performed. This is directly channeled through me by my spirit team.


An email is sent with the information and healing advice and a Skype or video call is arranged to discuss any concerns or questions you may have along with aftercare advice and some soul guidance. I help the client understand that what they are going through physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually is a direct reflection of what is going on internally. This understanding helps clients to re- evaluate their lives. So they can move into a more harmonious and balanced life.


This is deep soul healing .My spirit Team and Myself work on many levels to bring about change for each individual.

Benefits of Healing
Clearing energy blockages within the body that manifest as physical illness and mental illness
Past life healing
Recalibration of the light Body and activation of the Higher Chakras
Light code Attunement
Psychic implants removed
Soul retrieval

Healing that you will received will be in accordance of where you are on your path and direct permission from your Higher – Self.

E’mail me it you would like to discuss and book a session with me.


Energy exchange £60 / €70




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