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Saffron da Floresta

Saffron is a keeper of the flame. She opens portals through her presence and ability to tap into higher, celestial realms. As an intuitive Healer and ceremonialist, she guides those onto a path of awakening. She helps individuals decode the mysteries of their soul by allowing them to delve deeper into their being to retrieve lost parts of themselves. This process allows the individual to move into a place of empowerment and sovereignty. Which in turn radiates into their everyday life and decision making.

Saffron’s passion and wisdom is working with the sacred feminine. Her soul has traveled through many lifetimes, working and guiding women on their journey both past and present. Saffron acts as a conduit of light allowing divine feminine wisdom to pass through her and onto the receiver. Saffron holds an immensely powerful space for women to return to their inner mystic and reclaim and activate the Goddess within.


Saffron offers her work Worldwide and online

For info and bookings contact Saffron:  joanne-hughes@live.co.uk



Paolo da Floresta


To shine the light of my soul and inspire others to share their light with the world.

STUDENT OF LIFE facilitating Sacred Breath Sessions

My origins of the Mediterranean and star-signs of the Water element, I have been drawn to the water my whole life in many shapes and forms for example in the practices of  Body-surfing, Aquatic Bodywork and  Free-diving.  I feel so connected with the womb whenever submerged in this element, through my experiences with Free-diving I learned how the breath can effect our emotional and mental bodies and also put us in deep states of relaxation.

After many years walking the path of the breath practicing Yoga, Reiki and Pranayama I was intuitively called to learn Rebirthing where I studied under the guidance of Leonard Orr, founder of Rebirthing in the west.  What a deep experience it has been and since then I have been giving sessions whenever it is asked of me.

Rebirthing when done correctly and in a sacred manor can be a very powerful tool for healing and releasing traumas we have been holding onto for many years.

Together with Saffron; we choose to walk a sacred path connected with spirit and nature and aspire to find that deep inner peace that resides in the core of every being.

Contact info

Facebook:  Rebirthing Scandinavia

Facebook:  Paolo da floresta

Natural High Life blog:  Natural High Life

Rebirthing website:  Rebirthing Scandinavia


I currently offer Sacred Breath sessions Worldwide.

For questions please email me: paolodafloresta@gmail.com



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